How to Snag your Dream Wedding Dress for Less Than P10,000

It’s true that not all brides are created equal. Amidst the bridezillas, there are brides like Danielle Tiangco, one of our recent clients, who epitomizes the ‘Chill Bride’. These are brides who like to keep things simple, and mostly give their suppliers maximum freedom for creativity. We interviewed Dani, who’s an interior designer by profession, on how her dream dress came to be, and how she snagged it in under P10,000.


1. What did you envision for your dress?


Something simple and different. I hoped of having a comfortable dress that doesn’t look like the ordinary. A dress that would really show who I am and my style.

2. How did Opposites Attract Studio help you realize and materialize what you wanted?


During our first meeting, Opposites Attract Studio gave me what I wanted from the beginning. Simple, budget-friendly, and with pockets. The next meeting I got to try the dress and it was exactly what I envisioned, although it felt like something was lacking – a cover top. After the meeting, while browsing Opposites’ Instagram page, I saw what I was missing! It was a contemporary take on a barong top that would complement my dress completely.

3. Budget wise, are you happy with what you got and what you paid for?


Yes! Very! Everyone kept saying dream dresses cost at least 25k but when I saw how much my dream dress was with Opposites Attract Studio, it became a good reality. Having your dream dress on a budget you can afford.

4. Did the final dress make you happy and did it meet your expectations?


Yes, it did! I’m a person who looks at every detail and the dress really met my expectations.

5. Any other comments with the process and the dress?


I love how straightforward Opposites Attract Studio was with the design and how they got the right measurements on the first fit! We only had minor repairs after the first fit. Total of 3 visits to the studio, that saved me a lot of time to prepare more for the wedding and still have time to do my daily tasks.


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